From Below EP

by Hellascope

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Recorded in March of 2016 at The Box, Burlington, Vermont. Mixed and Mastered by @mrfrankredhot


released January 11, 2017

Thanks to Matt and Sevo for getting this ball rolling.



all rights reserved


Hellascope Burlington, Vermont

Woodsy: Guitar, Vocals
Mikey: Bass
Sawyer: Drums

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Track Name: The Tower
come before the tower
it beckons with its power
bathe your hands in blood
hear what has become
the tower blocks the sun
the tower blocks the sun

six fires fuel
six sliver domes
six minds control
the fate of all

the tower tall and black
reaching toward the sky
tourtured souls inside
can you hear their cries
hear the darkness rise
hear the darkness rise

a pulse that shakes the ground
screams that pierce the sky
electric fury strikes
terror in their eyes
the tower tall and black
the tower all is black

come before the tower
come before the tower
come before the tower
come before the tower
Track Name: Mind Travel
travel to the dawn of time back when the earth was young
evil men they ruled the land and darkness hid the sun
captured and enslaved to serve was the state of man
the order of the serpent was the tool of satans hand

from the corners of the globe advanced the evil force
we rode as fast as lightning upon 10,000 horse
we pulled our bows and pulled our blades prepared ourselves to fight
now was time to free ourselves and end the endless night

I travelled to a distant land far across the globe
sent to kill the evil one, my peoples mortal foe
over mountains 'cross the sea we drove machines of war
on we drove 1000 days never to return

between the earth and outer space our fortress we did fly
like a metal dragon raining fire from the sky
far below his cities fell burning to the ground
all he had was burned away nothing to be found

travel to the future beyond the galaxy
the laws of time and space they had no power over me
darkeness had arisen that could command the stars
planets they destroyed safely from afar

We joined the rebels underground buried in the snow
the planets moved the stars aligned it was our time to go
off we flew into the void at the speed of light
the troopers could not hold us back we were out of sight
Track Name: Unholy Rebirth
under the cover of darkness
by the light of the moon
evil is lurking
now awake from its tomb
fingers are clawing
up thru the earth
into the night air
unholy rebirth

the dead are walking
hells fury unleashed
under satans command
the work of the beast
an army of bodies
whos souls have been cleft
shallow breath hollow eyes
no humanity left

our cities are burning
the waters are red
only chance to survive
is a shot to the head
under the cover of darkness
by the light of the moon
evil is lurking
and its coming for you
Track Name: Ancient Mysteries
some things are hard to see
the powers lie and decieve
the truth is out there
I want to believe

they search for ancient mysteries
perversion witchcraft sorcery
they'll be taught by
secret societys

now the end of days
armegeddon on its way
the blood will rise
wash us all away